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Napkins and tableware for any venue and every occasion

State of the Art Production

From napkins to disposable cutlery, our state of the art production facility distributes quality products across the globe. Our products are supplied in a range of colours and variations to cover your every need.

1ply tissue napkins

These essential napkins are produced using one layer of tissue and, depending on the type and size of napkin, will be embossed all over.

2ply tissue napkins

These everyday napkins are the UK’s most popular choice. Produced using two layers of tissue, held together by our distinctive edge embossed pattern.

3ply tissue napkins

These premium napkins are commonly used in dinner settings and give a thicker feel. Produced using three layers of tissue, held together by our embossed pattern.

Tablin napkins

These luxurious Airlaid napkins are perfect for complementing eating establishments that desire that upscale feel.

Bespoke napkins

From 1PLY Dispenser napkins for bars and fast food establishments, to Airlaid napkins for up-market venues, we cover the full range of bespoke napkins.

Table Covers

Poppies’ table covers offer you a world of choice: 3 grades, with a wide range of colours and size options.


Poppies’ banqueting rolls are ideal for covering a large number of long tables. Perfect for parties and events.


Poppies’ placemats are ideal for a fresh look every time. Available in 2 grades and a wide range of colours.

Paper Doyleys

Poppies’ white paper doyleys offer great flexibility with any colour scheme and display hygienic, elegant yet economical attention to detail.

Paper Coasters

Poppies’ disposable 80mm white paper coasters offer protection to polished surfaces. Accompanied with drinks and cups / saucers they absorb drips and spillages.

Tray Covers

Poppies’ tray covers add a little extra elegance to any dining situation. Provides protection to trays, absorbs spillages and can be further utilised as decorative placemats.

Paper Plates

Poppies’ paper plates are practical and economical. Manufactured from a high strength white board and strongly embossed to give more rigidity.

Disposable Cutlery

Our cutlery collection is ideal for a huge range of events.

Janitorial Products

Discover our premium janitorial products and level up your cleaning experience with unmatched quality, reliability, and eco-friendly solutions.

Catering Products

Explore our collection of disposable catering products, offering convenience without compromising on quality.

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